Welcome to Kids Holiday Shoppe

What is a Holiday Shoppe?

A Holiday Shoppe is a unique in-school and online shopping experience where children can budget and purchase gifts for all of their family members, and have fun doing so!

Traditional Holiday Shoppe

Gift items are delivered to the school
Parent volunteers set the shoppe up
Students view the gifts, make their purchases and take home that day
Sales run from 2-5 days

Online Shoppe – Home Delivery

Parent letters and emails sent home to the families
Families shoppe and pay for gifts online
All gifts are shipped directly to the family’s homes
No gifts are in the school at any time

Online Shoppe combined with traditional shoppe

Shoppe provided for shopping in school
Send emails and parent letters home to promote online shopping, ship to home

Why Us?

  • Easy to run and risk-free!
  • Only for the merchandise sold
  • No freight charges or hidden costs
  • Step-by-step welcome packet provided
  • Merchandise comes pre-price-coded
  • Use our cash register app or reserve a pre-programmed cash register
  • FREE restocking service with FREE next day delivery

Easy to promote!

  • FREE Table Covers
  • FREE Price Labels
  • FREE "Ready-to-Gift" Bags (3 sizes)
  • FREE Large Carry Home Bags
  • FREE Posters
  • FREE Budget Envelopes
  • FREE Parent Letters
  • FREE Cash Register App
  • FREE Pre-Programmed Cash Registers
  • FREE Shopping Baskets Upon Request